Although I liked the images that I was creating I felt like something was missing, the people! There would be no need for bus stops and the transportation method without the public. Although I am not concentrating on this aspect of bus stops I still think that this needs to be included in some way. Human interaction is a big part of this subject so it feels wrong to completely leave it out! Of course as I have been out taking images I have captured the public interacting with the area and at bus stops. See some of these images below:

However I still don’t think this is enough, their connection to these bus stops just didn’t feel strong enough to me, they could simply be passers by who aren’t even using this method of transport. To overcome this I started talking to people more who were at the bus stops. I decided that including a map or their bus route of some kind really would link the portraits directly to my other work. However I also think that keeping their identity hidden is important. By making the person anonymous it adds to the point that the person isn’t important and only emphasizes my initial point of the project, getting people to notice what they otherwise wouldn’t. Although I do think the portraits are important I don’t want them to over power the other work that I am creating. I think they are very striking images and certainly eye catching as well. I really need to consider how I present my work to make sure the emphasis is in the right place.

I have experimented with different ways that I could use maps within my images. The first experiment included overlaying the map of the cities bus routes on top of the portraits that I had taken. Although this works and definitely keeps the persons identity hidden I think that this approach might be a little bit too busy. I find that when looking at the image I don’t really know where to focus as there is so much going on. See some of the portraits below:

After trying to figure out how to make the image less busy I decided to focus purely on the route that the person is taking. For this I have still used that maps that I originally had of the bus routes however I have found the specific route that each person takes and have drawn over this in illustrator to provide a simpler and more targeted map. What I need to consider in these images is the specifics: do I want to include road names and bus numbers or is a simple line enough? When the images are paired with the rest of my work I think a line is all that I need. Although at a first glance the audience wont be able to fully understand what is going on at further inspection I think it will be quite clear what I am representing. I have experimented with different colour schemes for this style and think that a black and white image with a coloured line works best. Below are a few of these images:

After having made a few of these portraits I definitely think that these work best when the background is plain and the image aren’t taken in the bus stop. I think the bus stop and the surrounding area is too busy to be a background, this only distracts the audience and takes away from the contrast I want to create within the image. As well as this I don’t think the line appears as obvious when the background is busy. I want this to stand out and almost be the first thing you see when looking at the image, the part that you are drawn to. Although taking the portraits at the bus stop itself seems to locate it a bit more I don’t think the effect is as strong.

Within these images the route travelled is presented and although this isn’t obvious, when looking at the whole project I think it is definitely understandable. I did this by blurring out the images and drawing over them in Photoshop. I think this works well and adds a sense of movement and destination to my work, something that maybe the moving image doesn’t have as you don’t get the sense of arriving at the place, but just documenting the journey itself. I think both parts of my project link well to my subject: bus stops and really finishes the project off. I think by using both I cover a range of aspects about my locations however with just one there would be something lacking from the project.