Different locations

The initial plan was just to do the project in the location that was on the map I had chosen, Coventry. However as my project was going on I realised that all of the bus stops in Coventry were very similar. I decided that by going to more locations I was able to provide a larger comparison. I have used 6 different locations: Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Norfolk and Edinburgh. Although the project definitely could have been completed by just using Coventry I think by also using the other 5 I have only strengthened my work. Bus stops really do vary from place to place a lot more than I ever realised and by completing this project I have noticed a lot more than I originally would have, my perspective on the world has changed. This is something that I also want my audience to go through. I think it is important that they take something away from what I have created, even if it is just noticing a bus stop as you walk past it and some of the beautiful features it may contain within its structure.

Using more locations initially made me question the site specific aspect to my work, however now I just have more sites, it doesn’t make it any less valid. My work has developed from my original site, but the inspiration did come from the original map.