On Friday I had another two tutorials, one with Caroline and one with Gemma. The main thing I wanted to focus on within these was my final piece. I feel like I am very prepared with the images that I have and that I certainly have enough, if anything I am going to struggle when editing down and getting rid of images. I feel like I really don’t know how I want to present my work. A book seemed like the most obvious option with the amount of images that I have and the separate locations. I can see my work forming a book and can even see the cover as some sort of map. However thinking further I think that a book is too linear and structured, going from one location to the next. Is this a bit boring and restricting? The audience have no creative voice as everything is laid out and they have to follow this order. This is something that I don’t want to do, especially when there is no specific order to my work, it really can be seen in any way. Thinking further I thought of a couple of different solutions: stick with a book but make it less structured, maybe I don’t bind it so it can be seen in different orders, a Prezi style online space, this will enable the audience to have full control of what they see first, there are a few problems with this option: I don’t know how to do this and am not confident with coding or online resources, do I have time to complete this can be happy with my final piece? As well I really like the idea of having a physical body of work, I feel like the audience will connect more with this. Finally, the option that I think I am swaying towards, a box of prints. This allows my final piece to be a physical thing but also gives it no structure, I can chapter the sections for each location however within these chapters things can be moved around and also the order of the chapters as well.

I need to play around and experiment with all of these ideas, I can see all of them working but its what makes the most impact and what I think works best. The thing for me to do now would to be to go through my images and edit down. What images do I think need to included? From here I can print them all out and experiment with different layouts. By working with physical images and not just looking on a screen I will be able to get a bigger sense of what I want my outcome to be.

Things to consider for next week:

  • Make examples of final outcomes for formative feedback- I’ll be able to get a lot of peoples opinions from this one day
  • Order portfolio box if this is what I decide to do
  • Put prints in Monday after formative feedback