Timetable Final Piece Idea

timetable FP

Above is a design for a potential final piece. When I received formative feedback this was one of the suggestions that I got, to make a book that symbolises a foldable bus map. The lines show where this is folded producing a square when it is all folded up. Although I can see where this suggestion has come from and it does make sense I really am not keen on this option for a final piece. At this point I was already unsure that a book would be the way I was going and was definitely leaning more towards using a box of prints, however I feel like experimenting and making all the options enables me to rule out things for certain. I think this design does manage to show all of my work however like a book I feel like it is too linear and structured. There is a bit more opportunity to look at things in a different order but I still don’t think the audience are free to look in whatever order they want.

Another problem that I had with this idea is that I see a foldable bus map/timetable as a very throw away item. I don’t want my work to be seen in this light as well. So while this does directly link my work to my subject, bus stops, I don’t want it to be linked to the extent that it won’t be appreciated or will simply be thrown away after one or two viewings. If my work was going to be exhibited something like this my work quite well as a zine and would definitely fit more to this purpose.