Another option that I have considered for my final piece is prints. Now I have decided that I am not going to include the straight on images of bus stops I feel like this is more doable as there isn’t so much to squeeze in. Below are a few examples of how I might do this. As I have decided to only include one portrait per location I almost feel like this should be the bigger print to emphasise the connection between the abstract images and what my subject really is. I have experimented with using different sizes and different layouts.

print 1

print 2

print 3

I do feel like these work a lot better than the books that I previously experimented with do. However there is a certain level of interaction that I think is missing. A bus stop is an interactive thing and something that most would have interacted with and experienced at some point in their life. By recreating this interactive side I think it only links to my subject more and makes the overall body of work stronger. Another reason to want my prints to be able to be picked up is that this will result in them being seen closer. A lot of my images are abstract and people may not initially realise that it is intact a bus stop, so being able to pick them up and interact with them may be a desirable factor to my work. This is something that was achievable with a book and that isn’t within prints. I am also still unsure about the ordering of locations. I think I am still stuck with the problem of deciding this for the audience as I will be choosing what order they appear on the wall.

After experimenting with prints I am still unsure of how I want to present my work. I think that I am moving closer to something that I will be happy with, however I do think I need to find that balance between the two things I have tried.