On Friday I had a tutorial with Caroline. This went really well and she really liked what I had been doing. This was a massive confidence boost. I feel like I definitely have… Continue reading

Bus Stop Archives

I have finally managed to find a few archival images that link to buses and my project! I realise that these do not directly link however by looking at these images I am… Continue reading


This is the last location that I decided to visit, making it the 6th one. I think that I have a wide range of places that aren’t all in a cluster close together… Continue reading

Leamington Spa

Leamington was the forth location that I visited. By this point my idea was pretty solid and I knew what I wanted to achieve from each location I just had to go and… Continue reading


I went to London to continue shooting for my project. I really like how the two main aspects that I have been concentrating on have been turning out, abstract and straight on. I… Continue reading

Zoe Leonard- Analogue

I have looked at Zoe Leonards series ‘Analogue’ purely because of the layout of the image. This is a very uniformed style of presenting your images and allows the audience to have an uninformed view… Continue reading

Mac Birmingham- Alex Drozd

When I went to Birmingham I also visited the Mac gallery to see an exhibition by Alex Drozd called ‘Smethwick Galton Bridge/ Portrait of a Station’. This exhibition was very helpful for my project,… Continue reading


To collect pictures for my project I plan to go to different locations, this will enable me to compare what I find and also hopefully give me a wider range of images to… Continue reading

Night Shoot, Coventry

Going out and taking pictures in Coventry again after mainly focussing on the bus stops in Norfolk for the past month made me realise how different the two places really were in this… Continue reading

My Images

Over Christmas I was researching my project and decided that getting out there and actually taking some pictures would be the best way to see what works well. I concentrated on two different… Continue reading