Greater than a whole

‘Produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in it’s entirety with one single frame.’ For tis project I decided to find multiple buildings with interesting aspects to them… Continue reading

Encountering Cultures: Initial Images

I wanted to get started on this project by taking some initial images that may give me some inspiration on how to take it further, I started by walking around coventry city centre… Continue reading

Presentation review

Overall I think my presentation on Richard Avedon went well, I feel like a covered a broad subject and kept my audience interested by linking it to things that they may have been… Continue reading

Jason Tilley- People of India exhibition

This is a review about Jason Tilleys work ‘People of India’, which is an exhibition of three different bodies of work. One of the works is from a book ‘The People of India’… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Further Ideas

Since posting about my initial ideas for assignment 1, encountering cultures I have thought further into the project and produced a more in-depth idea which I am going to explore first digitally and… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Encountering Cultures- Initial Ideas

For this assignment I have to create 10 photographic pieces, this may be 10 images, 10 pairs of images or a montage. “are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure… Continue reading

Plan of Presentation- Richard Avedon

Introduction- talk about the question and why I’m looking into it. Give an example of some of the images from the series ‘In the American West’. Talk about Avedon’s inspirations and where he… Continue reading

200 word line of enquiry- Richard Avedon

How has Richard Avedon’s series ‘In the American West’ influenced and effected commercial fashion photography today and why? An investigation into why ‘In the American West’ has had such an impact and why as… Continue reading


Jonathan Worth took a workshop called #NationLooking4Light in this we had to focus on the light on our subject, he taught us that this was a very important part of photography. For example… Continue reading

Visual Diary

Over the summer we got set the task to create a visual diary, I decided to do mine a little differently to what may be first interpreted by many. I didn’t want to… Continue reading