Phonar-Task Two: The Final Outcome


Critical Rationale:

I found it hard deciding which task to develop further. There were so many different routes that I wanted to take; however I am very happy with my body of work. I feel like I have pushed myself further in regards to my photographic practice and experimented with both a different form and concept. Although the Polaroid is a different form in itself I also don’t do much manipulation in Photoshop so have stepped out of my comfort zone in that aspect too. I really like the graphic approach that has been taken and from completing this task I now know that this is something that I want to explore more in the future.

Also I have explored a more abstract and minimalistic theme, something that I have never really done but always wanted too. I think I have been successful in using colours within the image to represent this minimalism along with provoking memories and emotions with these. I think this works well as it makes the audience think further about the colour palettes used and what connotations are linked to each colour or group of colours.

The five images created work well as a series; I would be interested to see if I could develop this further in the future. Maybe by using different objects rather than just sticking to one, flowers. This is something to consider further after the deadline.