Things lined up for the future

Although the professional experience module is over that doesn’t mean that I am going to stop gaining experience and trying new things. By taking part in this module I have gotten myself in the mind-set of gaining experience and I aim to continue doing so. I have managed to narrow down and cut out things that I know I definitely don’t want to do. I am still unsure of what I want to do in the future however I definitely have more of an idea than I did at the start of the module when I was completely clueless.

Before coming to university I thought that I would end up going down the fashion route, however now I’m not so sure. I have found interests in other areas, and seem to have formed a bit of a style. I think this mainly revolves around things that people don’t notice, but things that are involved in everyday life. This however could be linked into fashion. I feel like since I have been at Uni I haven’t done as much fashion work as I would have liked. Having gained confidence in studio work and lighting I feel like now is the time for me to experiment with it again, in new ways. Over the course of 201 and mainly MODA I have started to look into fashion again and where it could take me. From the exhibition I have gained contacts, such models designers and people also interested in fashion photography. By having these I can expand on the work I do and continue to experiment more.

Things that I have planned:

Pilot fashion:

Pilot fashion is an online fashion site based in Coventry. They are reworking on all of the photography aspects on their site. At the moment there is a backlog of about 300 outfits. This is something that I am helping Lily work through to get everything up to date.

Squish house:

This is another online boutique who need some shoots done, these images will mainly be seen on instagram however they will also be on their website.

I feel like working with more fashion is the next logical step for me to get a feeling of whether I want to do this again. However I still think that it is important that I don’t forget about the things I have enjoyed doings throughout 201 such as curating and magazine work. I am continuing my experience for Sqaure Magazine. As this is an online publication and I do most of the work from home this is also something I can continue next year when I go away to Madrid.

Square Magazine Exhibition:

I am helping set up an exhibition that Square Magazine is sponsoring and also have work exhibited in. This exhibition is at Wolverhampton University. By helping with this I am expanding my knowledge of different types of exhibitions and how I could be involved with these. I will also be attending the opening night and will therefore be able to network and get to know people who work in both the curating aspect and magazine sense as well. Not only this but people who attend an opening night will be interested in photography in a more general sense, this could provide some more possible work opportunities for me.