Locale Exhibition

Locale exhibition was an exhibition run by my class and myself exhibiting our most recent module: community, culture and identity. This links into the exploration of curating within the professional experience module, making Locale the second exhibition that I have helped plan. This exhibition was something that we have chosen to do; it wasn’t part of our module but something we have decided to do to showcase our work. This is developing our professional skills and giving us exposures as photographers.

When deciding what roles everyone would have for the organisation I decided that I wanted to try something different to what I did in MODA (finance and venue), this enables me to have the widest understanding of organising and exhibition having experienced different roles. For Locale I was part of the marketing team, our roles included: thinking of a name and tagline for the exhibition, deciding which social media sites were appropriate and setting them up, collecting content to add to the social media sites and creating new content to support these. As a group we also decided several things such as: who would be invited on the opening night, opening times of both the opening night and the exhibition itself, places to look into for the venue, what we needed to buy and where we would get the funds for this.

As there were 15 of us taking part in this exhibition, I found that it was harder for us to make decision than it was in MODA. Having one person from each team take the lead and relay information and opinions really made things a lot easier and clearer. To help everyone have a say and keep all information in one place we set up a Google Doc, this helped and allowed everyone to keep up to date with things.

Things the Google Doc was mainly used for:

  • Guest list for opening night
  • Allocating roles within teams
  • Financing- who had given money and how much
  • A place to share information about our work, titles and social media links
  • Shifts for when the exhibition was open

Along side the Google Doc was also a Facebook page, this was a quicker way to get in touch with people as they would be notified when something changed, whereas the Google Doc was something that kept having to be checked for updates. As well as this the marketing team, which I was part of, also had a separate Facebook group; this allowed us to discuss more specific things to our team without including the rest of the group.

In comparison to MODA the locale exhibition had a very different feel. MODA didn’t have white walls and just have the focus on the work; it was more of an event, with the catwalk as well. A problem that we had to deal with was how the previous group that had used the glass box had left the venue in a bad state, so before setting our work up we had to paint and fill holes in. This resulted in us having to buy a few last minute things from the budget. Due to this and a few other factors I feel that this exhibition wasn’t organised as well as it could have been and certainly wasn’t as well organised as MODA. Another issue was that not everyone in the class turned up to this so we had to compensate for these people and not only sort out our own work but theirs as well.

As well as the organisation of the event I have also provided work for the exhibition, this gives me exposure as a photographer.

See a few images from this event below.

Meeting notes:

  • Class meetings deciding things such as who is in what group
  • Name ideas, is a tagline needed to support this?
  • Ideas of publication, what will be given out to people who attend so they remember the event?
  • What we need to buy for the event and where we will get the funding from
  • Who will man the exhibition and when
  • When the exhibition will be open, both on the opening night and during the week