Lip Sync Battle

This event was put on by some of the events management students and all profits made went to charity. Although I feel confident enough to charge for events now I didn’t charge for this because all proceedings were going to charity so I didn’t see this to be appropriate. The main challenge I found with this event was the lighting. The event itself was held in a club so the lighting was very poor; this resulted in me using a higher ISO and a slower shutter speed. This did produce a few problems with blurring of images, mainly when there was a lot of dancing involved in the routines. If I had photographed this event at the start of the year I think I would of really struggled to overcome this, however I think I managed this quite well and produced a set of images that the clients and myself were happy with.

I feel that from photographing other events I also was not worried about getting in the audiences way. Although it is obvious that getting in the audiences way is not an advisable thing to do, there are ways of manoeuvring to avoid this. From photographing other events I know how to get in the positions that will achieve the best images without obstructing the audiences view. Below are the contact sheets of the images that I have edited and given to the client, I have highlighted what I think work best with a red box around the images.

Below this are a few of these images enlarged and with the template the client wanted me to add.

As I have stated in previous blog posts, event photography is not something that I am interested in in terms of furthering my career or future employment. I have photographed at several events, some of which have a valued title such as Tedx. This has provided anything that I may need for my portfolio in the future and also experience. It is of course good to have experienced all areas of photography; this allows me to make an educated decision when it comes to my future and what direction I want my career to go. Any future employers will be able to see this from my portfolio, as they will also be able to see how any weaknesses that I may have had have developed through this experience, both at university and any experience that I have gained.

Meeting notes:

  • Images of each of the participants in the lip-sync battle with the sponsor t-shirts on- individually and group photos, both serious and fun portraits, this is to be done on the black backdrop. These will be sent to the sponsor to be used for promotion.
  • Images of the performances, take images that I think to be appropriate, just a documentation of the performances, something that the charity and participants can take away. The organisers, the events management students, will also use this, for their portfolios and advertisement of their services.
  • General documentation (if you have time)- this isn’t an overly important factor, as the organisers will also be doing this themselves. The performances themselves are much more important as this is what the event revolves around.
  • Add template to images as final images, send to client