Engagement Elements

MODA- Community Element

As part of MODA we needed to design a day revolving around a community element. For this my group planned a talk on our exhibition, in the venue, surrounded by our work, followed by a workshop and any questions the college group may have. During this talk each photographer exhibiting work was going to talk a bit about their work and about them, we would then as a group give an overview of the exhibition and event. These students were all interested in photography and applying to universities, by giving them this talk we were hoping to give them an insight into university life.

The workshop that we had planned was about skills and mainly lighting, how feelings could be provoked through lighting essentially. We thought by getting the group to do something practical and not just talking at them we would be able to keep them interested. This would also get them thinking about their photography skills and what they want to do.

Unfortunately on the day of our community element there was a college strike, and due to matters that we couldn’t control our group didn’t turn up. This was disappointing considered we had organised and designed the whole day. However this was through no fault of our own. Having considered what we would have done I feel like I would be prepared for if I ever had to conduct a day like this.

Website interaction, why I designed my website how I did

As part of our community, culture and identity module we had to create a website. The university paid for the domain and this is something that I am going to take full advantage of. Instead of just using this for the module submission I have used this to display different projects that I have completed both in university and out of university. As well as this I am also using it to display my professional experience.

I have given my website a simple look, each page has a small description followed by the pictures that go with that project. This gives the audience an overview however the images themselves speak more than the text. I didn’t want the text to over power the work that I have done and I think I have achieved this. However without text this could leave the audience confused, I feel like I have found a good balance.

I understand that a lot of things are now done online; the world has developed digitally and responding to this in appropriate ways is important. It is convenient to have an online portfolio and showcase of my work; this can be accessed by anyone at anytime. This will only benefit me as it also makes me as a photographer more accessible.

See a link to my website below.


Social media use in professional context

Social media is used widely now, by individuals and companies as well. I have adapted my social media to these standards. I use both twitter and instagram as a photographer. By doing this I am accessible and people can find me in other ways rather than just searching my name. My work could also be found by searching for a particular hashtag for example.

 By only posting my photography work on instagram I am providing a more professional feel to my account. While it is good to post old work and projects that are already completed I must be aware of how much I am doing this. Although old work is relevant and certainly important giving my audience new images and behind the scenes shots is what will keep them interested and following my feed.

See an image of my instagram below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.49.07