CovWords is a magazine publication run by English students at University. Working here is completely on a voluntary basis, for both the photographers working here and anyone else, however this is beneficial to me as I want to work for a magazine or publication in the future. By working here I am able to get an understanding on how this sort of magazine is run. Attending meetings was really useful for me; I was able to see how a re-design of a magazine might happen. Although I am aware that this is a small publication and anything that I wish to work for will be much bigger than this getting this initial exposure will definitely help me in the future.

For this I have sent images that revolve around the theme of location, this could be anywhere and was a very open brief. We had a few of the submissions for the magazine (short stories and poems). By reading these I was able to get an idea of what sort of thing they wanted, however as the brief was very open, as long as there was a loose connection to location the submission was okay. These images were sort by the design team and added to the publication.

Below are the contact sheets of some of the images that I sent to the client, I have highlighted the images that I think work best in red and a few of these have also been enlarged below.

Below is a mock up of what the final magazine will look like, this isn’t finished but gives an idea.


By working here I have more of an insight on the career that I want to work with, although I haven’t done much in way of editing the publication or content within the magazine itself I can see how this is done and what components goes into it. This really has helped me narrow down what I want to do in the future and has confirmed that I am interested in working for a magazine.

Meeting notes with magazine editor:

  • Understanding of our role: submission of images- theme of location
  • Other than this meeting we don’t need to meet unless we want to
  • We will have input on the design however this is mainly down to the design team
  • They are designing a new layout that will be used annually from 2016; including more images is one of their aims, which is why they have added us to the team.
  • Must sent high-resolution PNG files, this is what the design team are asking for