Email Sent to Work Experience Options

Below is the email that I sent to multiple companies that I was interested in completing some work experience with. Unfortunately not many companies got back to me and those that did were unsuccessful due to there not being any positions available. I have managed to get work experience with Square Magazine through sending this email, wanting to go into a career in magazine work this experience will benefit me in the future and really give me an insight into what the job entails. Although I was mostly unsuccessful it is good to have the practice in writing cover letters and inquiring about jobs.
‘To whom it concerns, 
I am a photography student currently in my second year at Coventry University. Now the beginning of my career is getting closer to help with the transition from university into full time working I am keen to gain as much experience as possible. I am interested in your company and I think that any work experience that you have to offer would be beneficial to me & hopefully to you too. Recently I have become a lot more interested in the magazine sector of the industry and am keen to learn more about it. I would be interested in any roles that you could offer me to help me gain an insight into what you do. I am very interested in fashion and portraiture photography, your magazine would be perfect for me to gain the experience that I want as it is everything that I am interested in in one publication!
I am currently actively looking for a placement that I can hopefully manage to fit around my university studies. This could be for a full week or possibly one day a week for several concurrent weeks. However I am also interested in any longer placement opportunities you may have for next year as I am planning on taking a year out to complete a longer placement. 
Please see the attached CV and I also have an online portfolio. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,
Bethany Crisp’
See my CV below: