Having volunteered to photograph the Tedx talk, George, our former assistant lecturer who now works at Fresh@CU offered me a job for the company under the title of Student/Graduate Media Production Assistant. This is a 0 hour contract role and allows me to work for the company as and when I am needed. The company mainly shoot events, in both still images and video. This is a great experience for me and a good way to get some income while I am still a student which also incorporates my degree. Having worked several events I have decided that event photography isn’t the area that I am interested in working in the future, however while still being a student working events is a better alternative to a part time job unrelated to photography. Without this opportunity I wouldn’t of been able to narrow down what my future career path may look like. Although this isn’t want to do this job has definitely benefited me for the future and I have been able to work on my weaknesses such as technical skills (mainly lighting) and time-management when working towards a professional deadline rather than an academic one. This will look great on my CV and some of the higher profile shoots such as TedxLeamingtonSpa will be a great addition to my portfolio.