Final Piece

Having previously discussed all the options for my final piece on separate blog posts, I have decided that a box of prints is best suited for my project. Along side this will be the portraits printed to A2 and mounted on foam board. This method of presentation seemed the best option for me as it allowed me to give some of the creative control to the audience as the images aren’t bound together like they would be in a book. This style also allowed me to include a lot of images, 5 per location plus maps. If I was just to have prints, it may be a bit overwhelming with so many prints. By having them in a box it is a very neat solution to my problems.

I decided to include maps on both paper and acetate. The very front sheet of the box is the map with all the dots in black and no location names, this is on paper, as is the same map at the back with the location names also included. The maps where the locations are highlighted, for example Birmingham has a red dot, are printed on acetate. I thought this might be confusing and hard to read with the pictures behind them, however as the maps are very minimalistic this was not the case. I liked that you could see the next image through the map, it just added something extra. Also when everything is taken out of the box it will be able to be rearranged freely so it can be seen more clearly if need be.

Although giving the audience creative control is something that I think is very important, they are 6 selections of images that do belong together. Obviously if the images are reordered they may not of ended up together for the next viewer. I have solved this problem by colour coding the images. On the back there is a small circle, colour coded to the maps that they belong with. This will enable people to know which images are which location.

See a few images of my final piece below.