On Friday I had a tutorial with Caroline. This went really well and she really liked what I had been doing. This was a massive confidence boost. I feel like I definitely have enough images to work with but what I really need to consider is how I want to present my work. Another thing, I can’t be scared when deleting images or not using them in my final piece. I may like and image and it may be strong, however if it doesn’t work within the context of the final piece or maybe just doesn’t look quite right I need to get rid of it. This is something that I always find hard. I have a lot of images so obviously I am going to be getting rid of a lot, but even after editing down I am going to have way to many images, I need to be confident enough to take risks and do what I think is best for whatever outcome I create. When making mock ups different images could be in different outcomes and that is ok. I need to consider that a whole section of what I’ve been working on may be completely irrelevant and that is ok. All of my images still count of something, at the very least it is research and development, this helps me show that my final piece hasn’t been made in a few weeks but I have really thought about what I want to do. Before this tutorial I was pretty set on a book as the outcome of this project, however now I’m unsure. A book could definitely work however is this a little too predictable? I really want my work to have the shock factor, this will enable it to stick in peoples mind. We have formative feedback on this module on 19th February. By then I plan to have 3 different types of outcomes for my project. By doing this I think that I will be able to get the most opinions on what works well. This will give me time to make any changes that I need and put it in to print on the Monday. Things that I want to consider:

  • A book: what is the best layout for these? Different story lines? Different sequences?
  • Prints: Something striking, how am I going to present these? Prints forming a map format of the location on the wall?
  • Map: Is a physical map needed? Maybe this is something that isn’t originally recognised as a map but something you realise after looking at it for a while? Does it need to be obvious?
  • Online: this can be presented differently, show that I have thought about my online presence, it is a whole different platform. Could merging work? Enables you to watch the slight differences. Take advantage of this different and permanent space.
  • Specifics: do I include things that are specific to each person? Road names? Maybe makes it more personal? How would I present this?

Caroline got me to think about my work in a different light, the title of this module is Community, Culture and Identity however I think I had forgotten about this and had gone off on my own tangent within my work. The way Caroline spoke about it really emphasised the culture in which I was portraying and within this I really need to question what it says about culture. I think one of the main things that my work is about is location and our relationship to this. Yes I want people to appreciate what is around them, and almost see the everyday object of a bus stop as a work of art, some of the abstract images that I have will really make people look again as it may not initially look like a bus stop. But I do think that there is another underlying theme and this links directly to location. A bus stop really is about where you want to go and how we as people navigate space and land.