Experimenting with Maps

This is a site specific project so location within my work is quite important. My subject is bus stops, I think this only strengthens this theme of location considering that this is an option of how we could get around and navigate the space that we are in. This really strengthens the need for a location within my project and our relationships to this as well.  The project did start as site specific to Coventry, as did everyones in my class. However my project has expanded and now isn’t only in Coventry. I have included six locations: Coventry, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Norfolk and Edinburgh.

At this moment I’m not sure what my final piece will be, however I have started playing around with maps to think about how I can include these. I have tried out a few different things, the main thing that I wanted to show was where my locations are, and doing this by plotting them on the map. To do this the first thing that I did was to go to google maps and plot all six locations to see what I was working with. Here is an image of that:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 21.48.47

From this I was able to use photoshop to come up with some other ways to do this. At this point my main question is do I need to use a physical map? I think this almost makes it too obvious and I don’t think it will fit into my series of images. Here is some of my more obvious experiments:

When looking at the first edit I decided that this was definitely too busy. I don’t need this much writing on the image, it only makes it confusing. To me this is just a mess and really doesn’t fit in with my images or the project. I then moved on to the second edit. This definitely fits in better and is a lot more simple. However I’m still not convinced this is something that I would want to include within my work. From this I decided that I needed to go even simpler and created these:

These are all pretty similar, just with a slight few differences to one another. I do think that this definitely works better and is something that I can work with further and include it in my final piece. I really like the simplicity of these, it’s almost like I don’t have to explain to my audience what I’m showing but it is for them to figure out. A few things that I could consider further is:

  • How am I going to include this in my final piece?
  • Will it work in different forms? Book, online, prints..
  • Is the text needed?
  • Colours?
  • Could I emboss these? or use a different material? Make it stand out, make it different..