I went to London to continue shooting for my project. I really like how the two main aspects that I have been concentrating on have been turning out, abstract and straight on. I really think that this allows the audience to have a comparison between the different locations. The aim is to make people appreciate what is there and what is most probably part of their day to day life. I think this is really important and something that I have been inspired to do by looking at different artists and also other research.

Below are some abstract images that I have taken in London. These vary from what I have taken at other locations which I think is quite interesting. This shows that the structures in different locations do vary and show changes. They aren’t seen as works of art and people may not even notice that they differ in these different locations. Within my final piece I think I want to separate the locations, this will show the comparisons more clearly and hopefully make people notice what I now see from this project.

I also experimented with doing some of these images at night, I really liked how the light adds some more atmosphere and really makes you see the subject in a different way. I really want this project to give the audience something new to think about and I think a combination of these two sets of images will do this. Below are some of the images that I have taken at night.

Something that will show a bigger comparison is the images that I have taken straight on of the bus stops, this adds the uniform to the images and something that will add a slight structure to the series. I need to consider whether I want to give the comparison between the bus stops in the same location or all the different ones. Really just how I want to include these images within my body of work is very important as it could change the message that I am portraying. Here are the images from London.