Leamington Spa

Leamington was the forth location that I visited. By this point my idea was pretty solid and I knew what I wanted to achieve from each location I just had to go and take the pictures. I have taken a lot of pictures during this project but I think this is better than only having a select few to chose from when coming edit down for my final piece. I do really need to consider how many images that I want to include in my final piece and how to make what I use effective. Other things I need to consider is how the series flows and works together, this is something that will really make the book stronger if I can get it to work well. This is something that I definitely need to start considering in the near future. I have one more location to visit, once I have done this I think I need to start editing down and see which work well, and as well what work well together. This could start by just looking at pairs of images or looking as a series as a whole. Below are some of the images that I took at Leamington Spa.


Straight on: