Mac Birmingham- Alex Drozd

When I went to Birmingham I also visited the Mac gallery to see an exhibition by Alex Drozd called ‘Smethwick Galton Bridge/ Portrait of a Station’. This exhibition was very helpful for my project, it was good to see what other artists are creating similar to what I am in the middle of doing. I do think that some of the images with the exhibition were very similar to each other, this almost made it a little boring, where there was a change this was something I found really interesting. I think that the images may of worked better in a book because the images would be closer together so you would be able to take note of the smaller changes as you were looking at each image. I really love the blurred effect that is achieved through capturing scenes through the screen at the train station. I have images like this within my series, however this isn’t all that I have included. I think that my work will tell more of a story. Instead of just concentrating on one location, which can get a little too similar, I am looking at six: Coventry, Leamington Spa, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh and Norfolk. As well as looking at varied locations I will also be visiting them at different times in the day. This will add something different to my series as the light reflects and acts differently within my images. Below are a few images from the series by Alex Drozd.