To collect pictures for my project I plan to go to different locations, this will enable me to compare what I find and also hopefully give me a wider range of images to work from. I plan to have picture from: Coventry, London, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Norfolk and Edinburgh. By going to all of these locations I have a wide range of different places, this enables me to use more than just the site that I originally picked in Coventry. I think that this allows me to have a wider scope and really explore my project in more detail. Because there are so many locations it looks like my final piece will be best suited as a book, however I am keeping my options open at this point.

Yesterday I went to my third location, Birmingham. The bus stops here are similar to the ones in Coventry however the images I have created do show a difference. Again I have concentrated mainly on the abstract view of bus stops, as well as straight on views of the bus stops. I also travelled to Birmingham on the bus so was able to get a few images from a different perspective, on the bus itself. I think these worked well however I’m not sure if I will include these in my final images. I think I need to go on more journeys and take more images to see if this really fits in to what I am trying to say. See the images taken in Birmingham below.