Night Shoot, Coventry

Going out and taking pictures in Coventry again after mainly focussing on the bus stops in Norfolk for the past month made me realise how different the two places really were in this respect. A lot of the bus stops here are very similar to each other, there are very few differences, the size, whether there is a shelter there, the surroundings and location. Overall this makes it hard to do what I was doing in norfolk as the things that I am photographing gets very similar very quickly. I concentrated on both aspects again- straight on appearance and a more abstract view. I really like some of the images that I have created, a lot of these are because of the light and reflections on the shelters. Initially I was unsure weather a shoot at night would produce anything that I liked however I don’t think that I will be able to recreate these in the day. Below are some of the images from this shoot.

Below is an edit similar to what I have been doing at home, with the images that purposely have a strong uniform to them. I didn’t haven’t been to as many bus stops yet but it still gives you an idea of comparisons between the 4 bus stops in Coventry and the differences between these and the ones in Norfolk. I still think that these kind of images definitely look a lot better and stronger in a series as opposed to being on their own.


I think it would be interesting to return to these bus stops in the day and see what the comparison is then. I think one of the main differences that I will instantly notice will be the amount of people there. This may make it harder to shoot certain aspects, however it will broaden my topic, especially if I get to talk to any of them. This shoot made me think of more that I could do with my project. I think that it has confirmed that I don’t really want to use images from just one area, however as this is a site specific project it would look a bit odd if i just used images from Coventry and Norfolk. I plan to travel a bit more, hopefully this will add something new with each place I go to and bring more comparisons to my project. I plan on going to at least three more places: Leamington Spa, Birmingham and Edinburgh. By travelling to 5 different locations I am hoping to find something different at each place. What this is at the moment I am unsure, however this will definitely define what way my project is going to head in. I am going to continue with experimenting with these to aspects, especially at places I am yet to go. However in Coventry I think I am going to start experimenting with a few other ideas: human presence/absence, collecting things that I find at the locations, the surroundings of the bus stop and the people there.

I think that if I can get talking to people this will really inform my project. I am hoping at some point I will be able to take a few portraits of people that I meet at the bus stops. I also need to be constantly think about how I want to present my work. I will be unsure about this until I am completely sure about what way my project is going in, however the more ideas that I have the better.