Allison McCarthy-Antarctica Noir

Allison McCarthy’s project Antarctica Noir really interests me due to the fact that she is showing Antarctica in a way that people wouldn’t normally see it. This may give people different opinions on the place, different to what they originally had. This is what I want to do within my work about bus stops. By looking at McCarthy’s project I can see that I need to do something different, something that people aren’t used to seeing. This could be slightly enhancing the colours or maybe picking out smaller features of a bus stop that may seem insignificant and therefore not noticed. By doing this my audience may not realise that my images are of a bus stop until it is later revealed. Hopefully by doing this they will notice these themselves at later visits.

I think that within her series Allison unveils a darker and more meditative view of Antarctica, using black and white photos has helped her achieve this over the more vibrant ones that we are used to seeing. By using a monotone colour McCarthy has played with the mood of then images adding a more mysterious feel, this really is different to what other artists have focused on in the past and is almost imprinted in my memory because of this. I saw a place in a whole new perspective to what I’m used to, and I’m sure it is the same for many other people. This is something that I need to achieve within my project.

I think by looking out for something different there will be a lot of shots that I may have originally discarded and thought they maybe wouldn’t of worked. By looking at this project it has made me realise that I don’t have to show the same old stereotypical images that I think people want to see. Taking a risk does pay off a lot of the time and will probably make me more remembered. With my project I am hoping to bring something new and different to what people are used to seeing, I really hope this will make people look and think more in the future.

Below are a few images from Allison McCarthy’s project ‘Antarctica Noir’.