Les Filles de Tourgueniev- Philippe Herbert

Someone brought this book, Les Filles de Tourgueniev by Philippe Herbert, to photobook club. Although the project itself doesn’t really link to the project that I am planning to do the front cover really caught my eye and I really think this could work well for my project. Until I saw this book I was really put off making a book, purely because I have made books for most of my other modules. While I still want to try something different this cover and style would just be perfect for what I want to do! By using this style I would be able to map the bus stops that I have taken images at and use photographs from all areas and not just Coventry. I think this strengthens the site specific part of the project. When I first saw this book I was really drawn to it, and wondered why there were dots on the front cover in what appeared to be random places, by opening the book and looking further I realised this was a map. I don’t think this is cheesy at all, I think this is definitely a risk you take when designing a book, and one that I aim to avoid. I am going to start making a very simplistic map of where I have taken images, adding to this as I continue to shoot. I think it will become clear quite quickly whether this will work/look good.