Ed Ruscha- 26 Gasoline Stations

Ed Ruscha’s project 26 Gasoline Station contains images of the gasoline stations between Los Angeles and Oklahoma City. All of the images within the book are black and white, giving the series a good consistency. The images are documenting what Ruscha is seeing on the journey along the highway. This style is definitely something that I will consider when I am editing images from my project and considering how I want to present my work as well. Although this is a very simple layout and presentation method I think that it is also striking and works well. A minimalistic approach to my work could favour me, especially considering that I am exploring lots of different avenues within my project. At this point I am unsure how many of these will be included in my final piece however if i decide to use more than one, this kind of simple and minimal layout will enable the audience to have a clearer reading of the work and hopefully allow them to understand it more. One thing that I want to avoid is clutter and confusion and I think by using a style similar to this I can certainly achieve that.