Settlement- Tatyana Palyga

Above is a video of the project ‘Settlement’ by Tatyana Palyga. I was lucky enough to see this book as part of Le Photo Book Fest’s rock your dummy award in Paris. I really loved this book and was drawn to it more than the others. Whilst researching for my bus stop project I thought of this book, I think that a layout similar to what I saw in ‘Settlement’ would be an interesting way to experiment with the presentation of my own project. I think that the layout is very striking, by only having one image on each page your full attention is on this image. I like that they are all laid out differently on the page, yet it is still clear that they all belong together. This is due to the composition of the images, the subject matter and simply how the book flows. I think that the pull out pages also add something interesting and different to the book, allowing triptychs to appear. I think that some of the images within this book are similar to some that I have already taken, they have almost a uniform to them. This is what I have been trying to achieve in my early shoots. Another thing that I really liked about this book is the front cover. This is another things that I found stood out to me. The image used is very aesthetically pleasing and makes me want to know more. What is this project about? Why is there just one small image on the front cover? It doesn’t give much away but certainly enough to make you want to read on. If I can achieve this in my final piece I think that the project will have been successful. As it is still very early on in this project I am unsure what final images I will be using and how I will be presenting my work. Now I have seen this a book is definitely and option and something that I hadn’t previously considered.