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This is the site that I have chosen to make my project around. Although this is where I got my inspiration and initial idea from this site itself may not be massively important to what I am doing. The idea originally came from the interest in bus stops, why is there so many in such a small area? While looking at the maps this is just something that I noticed and wanted to know more about. Bus stops are something that most people see on a day to day basis, but I bet that most people don’t take notice of them, the surroundings, or any interesting details that they may have. This is something that I want to change. After researching existing projects on bus stops I managed to get further inspiration and realised that my project doesn’t just have to be set in Coventry, a comparison of many different sites may be something to look into. However I do always have the option to make it more specific and just use the 4 bus stops in this area. To decided what I want to do I really just have to get out there and take pictures and capture film. Over christmas I have started to do this along with reading some books around the history of bus stops, see separate blog posts for more information on this. When I return to Coventry I am hoping to go to the Herbert and find some archives. I have already emailed them, and although they don’t have any specifically about bus stops themselves I believe that they will be in more images than I think, as they are all around the city. This again just proves that they are almost taken for granted and not part of the city. I think it will be interesting to see what they looked like before and if they have changed, how much. What did they used to look like? Can I use these archives in my work?

There are other things that I need to consider for my project, specifically revolving around the site. For example how am I going to present my work? If I use different locations will this be a big part of my presentation, how they are separated specifically, or will the pictures do the talking themselves?