Archives- Task 6- CCI

Having only briefly worked with archives before this was the task I found most challenging. Being so far from home I wasn’t able to do exactly what I want or have complete choice over what images I had to work with, however I think I certainly made the best of what I had. Luckily over summer I had returned to this place and taken some recent images that I was able to use in comparison with my archives. I think this task has a lot of potential and if I was able to go home I could create something much stronger. I am very happy with what I have created and think that it is a good use of archives to represent the past as well as the present. I intend to set myself a longer task to search through my childhood/family photo albums and create a project with archives to my full potential. I think that if I was able to look through all of my images from my past them something stronger may emerge. However from what I have I also think that something more can be made of it with more time. By narrowing my images down to just one location, which held a specific happy memory, I think this work is very personal to me and a good response to this brief.

See the video that I created below.