Thoughts on CCI Body of Work

For the second part of the ‘Community, Culture and Identity’ module, we have to create a body of work. This term we have to write a proposal for this and next term is more about creating it. After reading part of ‘Land Matters: Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity’ I was inspired by some of the quotes that I found in this. I haven’t read much of this book yet, but only a small section, I intend to continue reading and hopefully I will think of more ideas. The first quote in the section ‘Sense of Location’ by Lippard 1998: 60, was what inspired me the most and made me want to carry on reading. I really loved this idea of memory, or the absence of one. It made me think of other people memories, and to create a body of work around this I would be responding to an already existing archive of images or piece of work. I like the idea that my work will then be telling a story contributing to this history. Below are some screenshots of what I found interesting in this section so far. Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 18.16.17 Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 18.16.30

After reading this book we had the lecture on ‘Imagine Hillfeilds’ and ‘Cov Sounds’. This sparked my inspiration more and gave me an idea on how I might actually start to think more about creating the project as we had to do our own task as part of Cov Sounds. Although I don’t have any locations in mind and this certainly isn’t what I am definitely going to be doing for my project. It is nice to have an idea, and something that I haven’t really done before, although I have now completed the Cov sounds task, I know I enjoy it and it would be something that i would stay interested in. Over the next few weeks I am hoping that this idea will evolve as I keep reading and having lectures that link in.