One minute video- CCI

As part of our online community the students in Romania have asked us to make a 1 minute video of what we like best about our city, they will do the same with theres. The aim of this is so we are able to have a quick insight into both communities and understand a bit more what they are about. This task was easy in the fact that we couldn’t do it wrong, it is personal and our opinion and about sharing that with others. I do think this task was beneficial though as I am not used to using video or editing it. As this was just a quick task to be finished for the next session I did this on my phone, when editing it I learnt that this was a mistake as the quality wasn’t really very good, and certainly not matching what I could of achieved on a DSLR camera. As well as this when recording and taking pictures I didn’t always use the same composition (landscape and portrait) but used a bit of both. This resulted in having a black border around my video that changed in size when the frame changed. If I was to improve this I think the best option would be to reshoot it on a DSLR camera, however I could do a quick fix and make sure I keep the frame the same when shooting on my phone. I feel a lot more confident when editing videos now and have more creative ideas about how to shoot them. I hope to use video a bit more in my work this year. Below is the link to my video about my favourite place in Coventry, Fargo Village:

Favourite place in Coventry, Fargo Village