Cov Sounds- Task 3- CCI

After having the talk by Jason Tilly on his site specific project ‘Imagine Hillfeilds’ we got set our own site specific task to help get us thinking and see how we would respond to this in groups. This task was called ‘Cov Sounds’ and we only had one week to complete it in our groups! I have never done a task like this before and is certainly good practise for our body of work that we need to create for Community, Culture and Identity as this is going to be site specific to Coventry. For Cov Sounds each group was given a location, ours being Butts SU, that linked to Coventry’s old music scene of Ska music, this originated in Coventry¬†with bands such as the Specials and The Selecter. I found this a really interesting task, I just wish we had more time as I think the task has a lot of potential and a really good piece of work could of been created. I feel that our main struggle during the week was finding times that we were all free, so a lot of the research was done separately. The research itself was also much harder to do than we originally thought it would be, we found very little information online, which would normally be our first resource. There were a few books in the library however we found that getting out there and asking people was a lot more helpful and we found out a lot of good information from this. Asking the public is something that I wouldn’t really think of but now I have done it I certainly would again. This isn’t just from people that are around the area you are researching but in museums too, the example in this case was the Two Tone Museum in Coventry. The people there knew a lot about the old music scene and were the ones that were able to locate our location as the building doesn’t actually exist anymore.

I really enjoyed doing this task and I do think the final piece of work that we created was good. Luckily I was able to find a blog online with some archive images from inside the venue back when it was big! I think with more time the final piece could of been a lot better and we would of been able to find out some more in-depth information too. If we were to recreate the video I think more of a narrative should be put to it, and we maybe should of documented us finding out the information and our journey through the project. I think this would be good for people to see, and it would clarify how we found out where the location was. I think by doing this it would also show our inspiration for our final video. We were unsure of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to represent the location until we actually got there. If I was to complete a project like this again my first move would definitely be visiting the location and not searching through the internet trying to find information that may not even be there. When we arrived at Butts SU it became a lot clearer, and we all decided together to focus on certain parts of the building, mainly old features that may have been there before. I think if we visited earlier this would of been clear from the start.

Having completed this task I have realised that I am interested in the histories of places and archives and other works that already exist around them. I think it is really interesting to look back at what has happened in the past and respond to this history and the images that already exist. I really enjoyed the researching part of the task, and believe that the archived images have their own part in the project and certainly shouldn’t just be forgotten. I think that by completing this task I have certainly given myself a few ideas for the body of work that is to come in this module, I want to think a lot about the history and finding archives and responding to a piece of work, without this task I’m not sure I would have come to that conclusion, so just for that alone I think it has been successful.

Also I have started to enjoy working more in a group, before I preferred to work individually, and not have to rely on anyone. Although I probably still prefer this method I have learnt that it is good to bounce off each others strengths and I certainly have learnt skills that I wouldn’t of if I completed this task individually. Below is the link to our final video.

Cov Sounds Final Video