201MC- Professional Experience: Introduction and Initial Thoughts

After being introduced to this module I have thought a lot more into the work placements that I want to do over the year. I think it would be most beneficial for me to complete a few work experiences that last a few days- a week to help me gain an understanding of each one. This will help me in the future as I will know which ones I have enjoyed most and hopefully have more of an idea of where I want to take my career. I have searched online and saved the companies that I want to ask about placements. When thinking about what I would email them I decided it would be good if I could provide some of my work, however posting my blog isn’t really suitable for this as there is so much research on here as well. This could be helpful to certain positions if research is involved however most people are more likely to be interested in the work that I have created myself. To solve this problem I made an online portfolio on a website called wix. This turned out to be easier to do than I thought and I wish that I had made one sooner! This includes a selection of my work (not all of it) to show off what I can do. Here is a link to it:


When emailing the companies that I am interesting in I am going to make sure I take the time to make each email personal to the company. If i just copy and paste the same email they will know, and get the feeling that I’m not really interested and just need the experience. Although this will take a lot longer to do it will be worth it in the end when I hopefully get a placement. When we had our introduction to this module there were students from previous years sharing their experiences, a lot of people stressed that they got where there did through who they knew and not what they knew. This is unfortunate for me as I don’t actually know anyone in a creative job that could help me get a placement. This really made me think a lot harder about how I could stand out as I will need to work a lot harder to get their attention. I think this is a good attitude to have and if I do get a placement I will know that it is from the work that I have produced and they way I work as well, hopefully this will be beneficial for the future when I look for a full time job. I am going to start emailing companies soon, as I think the sooner they know I am interested the more likely I am to get something. We have until April to get experience so hopefully by then I have completed a few placements.