201- Exhibition

We have now been introduced to the second part of this module, the exhibition. This will be held on 25th of February in groups of our choice. Although the easy option would of been just to group of with the people that I am closest to on the course I think this would of been a mistake as our interests are slightly different and it may not of worked well. For this exhibition to be successful I think that we all need to have a similar aim/ vision. These may not be exactly the same but by all brainstorming together I think we will be able to come up with the strongest possible outcome this way. As well it would be good to have different overall career interests, but like i said before with a similar theme in mind. For example, we only want one curator per group. I think my group has a good balance of these things, in my group I have Lily, Evan, Amelle, Charlotte and Rachel. We have all decided on who is going to be doing what and written a proposal on what we plan to do within the exhibition. Here is what we plan to do:

The project that we are doing is about raising awareness of one of our main senses: hearing, and the deaf community. In the hopes of producing an event that people will react positively to. The exhibition will not be based specifically around a charity but the option will be given to donate to one at the end. The chosen charity will be invited to the exhibition opening night along with the local deaf community. We will promote our exhibition across a range of platforms: social media, posters, emails etc. with the aim of advertising it as much as possible before the opening night in order to gain as much public attention as possible. We want to try and get other people involved in our exhibition by asking them to collaborate with us and allow them to produce their own content for the exhibition. Through collaboration we are also hoping to find out more about the deaf community, which will provide us with more inspiration for our work. We want to keep a minimalistic feel to our exhibition but include several projects. The risk of this would be making the space feel too busy, this is what we want to avoid. However, we are still aiming to showcase a range of skills including sound, video, photography and projection.

Here are our initial ideas on how we want to portray this and what work we are going to create:

  • Noise, graininess, normally a bad thing but making aesthetically pleasing pictures with it
  • Recording sounds, taking a picture where it was, over laying sound graph
  • Portraits something to do with ears- wire jewellery, children charity- personalities through hearing aids
  • Gooey stuff on speaker photographed- shows the vibrations
  • Balloon and reaction

I worry that within our brief and during our exhibition we have created a lot of extra work for ourselves especially as the work itself isn’t being marked. I keep bringing up to my group that we need to keep this simple and concentrate on the actual planning of the exhibition and not the work. However being photography students we always get sidetracked on the work that we could make getting excited of all the thoughts we have! Obviously we want the work to be good and represent us as photographers and it is very hard to get out of this mind set. This definitely isn’t a bad thing, but we are adding a lot of extra pressure on top of other modules which isn’t really a good thing!

Here are a few other notes that I took during this session about things that we need to think about while planning this:

  • What do we want to do next?
  • Next year? When we leave uni?
  • Something that looks good on your CV and will benefit you
  • Doesn’t have to be our own work
  • Content won’t  be marked, but as photographers we don’t want the content to be disappointing
  • Exhibition that stands out and is something different, something unusual and unique