266MC- Community, Culture and Identity Introduction

Today we were introduced to our other module for this term, ‘Community, Cultures and Identity’, this is our practical module, although the practical side of this is towards the end of term and runs into the next one. The beginning of this term will mainly be research, reflections and a project proposal. We will complete 6 tasks, 3 of which will be submitted in an earlier submission at the end of November. This first submission is work 20% and the actual body of work, due in March, is work 80%.

Here are the learning objectives for the module:

LO1     Research, analyse and interpret of a wide range of information related to the community, culture and identity within a range of genres, concepts, contexts and practices.

LO2     Provide evidence of research-informed experimentation using a range of photographic equipment and processes.

LO3     Explore a specific theme or concept related to community, culture or identity through the creation of a body of work.

LO4     Critically evaluate and reflect on their practice in relation to established practices, contexts, genres and themes in photography.

This module explores issues of representation, translation and context, this will be the starting point of our research. To start our research we had a bit of a class discussion about what we thought the 3 key words meant: community (a group of people, a community is created with a common ground, this can be made despite out lifestyles and other differences), culture (the ideals, social behaviour and customs of a particular group or society) and identity (how you see yourself, how you reflect upon your community and culture and chose to represent yourself). When starting to think about where to start my research I am going to aim this towards what stories I want to tell and how I want to construct this. I also need to think about the wider community and how I want to get my work out there, probably in the form of an exhibition.

Here are a few other points about the module and things that I need to consider:

  • Experimentation is a big part of this module- time to try something new
  • Disruption of typical learning style
  • Term 2 mainly self directed practice with feedback and mentoring- make sure I use this to its full potential
  • Site specific task- certain place in Coventry, think about this, but not essential at this point
  • Evidence the learning- where you started to where you finish, need to be able to follow a journey
  • Getting assessed on the reflection of the tasks not the actual tasks (first submission)

I am looking forward to getting started on this project, right now I haven’t really got any thought as to where I want to take it, but these will start to develop with the research that I am doing.