Reworking a project from first year

Although I feel like all of the modules could of benefitted with a bit of extra work to make me completely happy, and not to mention push my grade up a bit I think that 152MC, working with life, was my best module and the one I was most happy with. Although this achieved the same grade as my first module, 150MC, encountering cultures, I think after completely the rest of the uni year this project had more potential and could definitely be improved on. This was also the module where I used analogue photography, something that I feel could use a bit of extra practice, although my images always turned out okay and I was good in the darkroom when printing them it is still something I am always a bit nervous on. Over the summer I have taken some more pictures that fit into my project of ‘the edge’. I didn’t want to completely re do this project as I was happy with the general outcome and mainly just think that my final piece could be improved, after making two more books for the other two modules I am a lot more confident with how to lay out and sequence my images. I also think that without some of the limitations I can improve the book, for example I can now digitally scan my images in and edit them, although I don’t want to go completely digital and like the feel analogue gives I think this will give my book a more professional feel as I can get it printed properly before binding it. Another main thing is the amount of images used in the book, we were limited to a 10-12 image sequence, now I have total creative control and can use as little or many images as I wish.

Once I have developed these images I will be able to blog further and start thinking about where I want to take this project.

I also started thinking about 151MC, international cultures in the UK. This was my lowest scoring module out of the 3, and although I was happy with my final piece I have started to wonder if there was a different way to present this. Once I get back to uni I want to play around with printing some of the images onto acetate, one of the border of the Chinatown acting as a window into the town itself. After thinking more about this, I do think that my original presentation method was stronger, however there is no harm in playing around with the resources I have at uni, so this is something that I am still going to do. I have picked a few pairs to give this a go with, see below:

I really have no idea how this is going to turn out and it is very much trial and error. I am going to experiment with using the magic wand tool in Photoshop and taking out certain part of the border image to reveal different parts of the other image. This could go one of two ways but without trying it I will never know if it works!