For our professional experience module we got set a task over summer to interview someone that we admire. The only other limitations to this was that the video had to be 1-2 minutes and that the interview had to include the persons worst failure that they have had during their career. When I received this task I was a little worried to say the least, this was definitely out of my comfort zone, but something I was happy to do to broaden my knowledge. My cameras videoing, isn’t the greatest but I made the best of what I had and concentrated more on the content of the video. This was the next hurdle I crossed, someone I admired.. Obviously to an extent I admire all of my family members, but I wanted to interview someone which would help me, with more relevance to the career that I want to enter. I struggled to think of anyone I could interview, obviously photographers I admire I am unlikely to meet them or get the opportunity to ever interview them. After some time I remember that my grandad, although now retired still earns money, and from making and presenting presentations of the archived photos that he has collected over the years. Although this wasn’t his main career he does now make an income from it now and I’m sure he wished he had ever since he started his collection years and years ago. He has also always been in photography and has seen the change from analogue to digital, I thought this would also be something interesting to talk about. I didn’t want my whole interview to revolve around this one question, and wanted a sort of build up to it, and an explanation almost of how he got there. This may have made me stray slightly from the brief however this seemed like the best option for me. Below is the interview.