Professional Experience

During second year one of the modules we will do is called Professional Experience. This module basically will be us gaining experience in the working world and preparing ourselves for this. Over summer we have been asked to think about a few things to make things easier and quicker when we come to start the module.

• The skills (personal, professional, transferable) you wish to develop during your second year, specifically in the Professional Experience module

• Identifying how you might develop those skills: as a formal work placement, in a number of smaller placements, working independently on a project for a client, working independently on your own professional project

• How you might ensure that skills development can happen.

• Contacting potential placement providers and arranging placements. The earlier you do this the more successful you will be so it is important that you do this now.

After having thought about this I think that the best option for me would to have a formal work placement at some point over next year. This will be hard to fit in around uni and work that I am already committed to, so this might not work out and may have to be a number of smaller placements. However I think this would benefit me more as opposed to working on my own professional project. I would also be happy to work on a professional project for a client as this is still a live brief and something within the industry, but this would be my second option. I think actually immersing myself and working within the industry that I want to go into would benefit me much more than setting myself a project. This would also confirm that I definitely want to go into that area of work, and if I didn’t I would be able to cross that off the list and start thinking what other options there are and what might work better. I think the skills that I am looking to develop are very much linked to the sort of companies I pick, fashion photographers and photography magazines mainly. I want to learn what would make me a desirable employee to these sort of companies and be able to achieve this by the end of uni when I need to start thinking about work. Learning what they look for in a portfolio would also be a great help! I have found and saved several places I want to write to and try and arrange a placement, however being unsure about timings and when I will be able to fit these in I have actually contacted any yet, but am waiting for more information from the uni. I did email some people to try and find out more but was told that this isn’t of any urgency yet and we will be told more when we come back to uni for our second year. But at least I’m ready to go when we find out more so can email the companies straight away in hope to be successful with at least one!