Another one of our summer tasks was to take two portraits, one of someone we know and one of a stranger. Taking a picture of someone I already know doesn’t really bother me and never has done. I have stayed away from portrait photography in the first year of uni as I feel like it was all that I previously done and I wanted to experiment with different things, and step out of my comfort zone. I feel like I have successfully done this, but doing this summer task has made me realise that maybe its time to have a go at a few portraits again as well. Now starting my second year I want to start to experiment with everything, and that includes what I did before getting to uni as well! I think there is even a way to step out of my comfort zone with what I am used to, by experimenting with different approaches to portrait photography such as documentary and street photography. This brings me nicely on to the second portrait, the one of a stranger. I found this task very overwhelming and didn’t really have a clue where to start if I’m honest. I didn’t really want to just go and take pictures of people that were craving the attention, such as buskers, however this was a perfect starting point for me as I was very nervous going into this. After this I took on the angle of not wanting to impose myself on the people I was photographing too much. I was taking two different approaches: one asking them if I could photograph them, but with what they were naturally doing before I had spoken to them, and two photographing them and then going over, talking to them and showing them the picture if they wanted to see it. These both seemed to work for me and I got the pictures that I wanted. However looking back on this task I almost wish I had taken a different approach and spoke to them more upfront and got a straight on image. Thinking further into this task I wish I had achieved a mini series, including both people I know and strangers. I feel like a series with text and images would of worked well, all images straight on followed by sets of information. Maybe there name, age and a fact about them. It would be interesting to see if people could tell who I knew and who were strangers. This is something that I want to experiment with in the future, I feel like it can be an on going project that is built up over time and not done in a short period.

Here are a few of the portraits of strangers that I took:

I also went on holiday to Rhodes over summer and took a few pictures whilst I was there, here is what I got:

We also had to take pictures of someone we do know, while I was in Rhodes I took a few of my boyfriend, however I think these are a little too much like holiday snaps, so I am going to take some more in the next few days and add them to this post. Here are the pictures that I have taken.

I wanted to do something with more of an interesting effect but struggled to find the time and people to take them of when they were free as well. Here are a few example of previous fashion work that I have done before with people that I know.