Final Book and Evaluation

After a lot of research, thought and taking pictures I have finally finished the module and made my final book! Below is a video of what my final book turned out like:

I am very happy with how my book looks, after a lot of practising the binding is neat and tight (thank god! This was one of my main worries and I was struggle to get this in the mocks), which has a real effect on what the book looks like as a whole. If the binding was loose and untidy it would give an amateur feel, the practising certainly didn’t go to waste as I think the binding on my book really finishes it off and suits the minimalistic style which I was after the whole time. I decided to use a coptic bound book due to the fact that Japanese stab binding would restrict my book from opening fully, my book contains several full bleed images and if the book was unable to open completely flat it just wouldn’t have the same effect. As well as this I though that a stab bound book might overcomplicate the simplicity of the book as although I could use a simple pattern to bind it there would always be some sort of pattern there which I wanted to avoid. Sticking to my minimalistic theme throughout the book the sequencing and layout also reflects this, only using 3 different page types and 2 image sizes, as well as this I only used 18 images, this may be short for a book but fits in well with my project. Being inspired by a Matsuo Basho haiku (17 syllables and 3 lines) the numbers within my book directly link. I realise that there are 18 pictures instead of 17, but this is to represent the start of something new, or the poets name at the end of the haiku. I was originally unsure of what to do for the cover of my book, again I knew I wanted this to be simple but was unsure just a plain cover would do it justice. I think what I have ended up with is just perfect for my project and looks good to! I decided to use the blue material as it fits well with my main subject matter (the sky), I think the cover gives my book a professional feel, and by using material over thicker card really finishes the book off well. I experimented with a few different sizes for the image, I didn’t want this to be too over powering because I didn’t want it to give too much away about the book itself. I really want audience to go into the book with as little knowledge as possible about what they are going to see. I think my cover provides a small window and hint of what is in the book. I decided against using text or a title on the cover as the only text I wanted to include in my book was the poem itself. If this was on the cover it would definitely give too much away and also I think it would make the cover look too busy! By binding my book I have had full artistic control over what the final outcome looks like, and it looks just how I imagined.

The photobook itself follows a scatter style, this may make the book appear in a random order to begin with, with little narrative, however once reading several times the audience will be able to see the narrative come out, this will also stick with them a lot longer than a straightforward narrative as they will have taken time to actually figure it out. I think by using this and not overcomplicating my narrative has yet again fit in with the simple theme I wanted to keep. I think that the narrative of my book can change from person to person, depending on what experiences they have had, this can link directly to the punctum and studium, the reader is making what they want of it. Overall I want the audience to understand that the landscape images are blurred as these aren’t the main subject matter and don’t hold the same importance as the sky. I hope that this enables them to appreciate the sky in all its different forms and helps them follow the journey that they regularly do when going outside or looking out of a window. The narrative really is linked to what I got out of the poem and hopefully the audience can link this together when they read the poem at the end. I wanted this book to be very minimalistic from the start of the project due to Matsuo Basho’s poems all fitting into this theme too. I wanted to reflect the poem and the poet too and this certainly seemed like a good way to do it.

I think this book is of a universal interest and not just to me, everyone can relate to the subject matter in some way or another and they certainly don’t have to have any specific interest in clouds to realise my underlying narrative or understand it. I hope that my book will allow the audience to appreciate what is around them more, while doing this project it certainly has had this effect on me. I think my work will shine a new light on what is already there and hopefully change the readers views. I don’t think there is any specific audience, but anyone as everyone can experience what is in my book and does everyday because of this I think my book will appeal to a range of different people and not one specific group.

Throughout this module I have been working to schedule of what I need to get done and when, by allowing myself a week and a half after putting my print in (which was printed on the same day) I allowed time for any mistakes or reprints. Luckily I didn’t need to reprint and had bound my book well before the deadline which was one less stress for me especially as I didn’t have to rush to get this finished! The schedule I made also helped me get as many photos as I did, I was unable to completely plan my shoots as the weather had a direct impact on what I could achieve, however by having a list of things that I wanted to experiment with allowed me to get out there as soon as the weather was suitable without extra research being needed beforehand. I think that I have handled this project a lot better in terms of research than the other two I had completed, purely because of the amount I have done, in different directions and pathways and generally more in-depth too. This allowed me to think of different routes that I could take the project and gave me options. I have also been able to talk to people who know a lot more about the subject matter than most people, unfortunately the replied came a lot later on in the project than I expected so they couldn’t directly effect the work I was making. These did however provide me with a lot more knowledge, and if they came earlier in the project I don’t think I would have done anything different. Overall I think I have handled my timing well, I have been able to complete all of the small tasks that were set in the brief and make my final book well within the deadline date. Not only this but none of my work has been rushed, I have created 8 or 9 different mock books and sequences- trying different bindings and editing styles for my book. By doing this I think that I have really been able to perfect my final piece and hand in something that I am really happy with. I don’t think I have just made this project to the brief and done it because I have to, but I have really enjoyed this project! If I had more time would I change anything or do anything different? I really don’t think there is too much I would change, I would definitely look more into the replied I got from the royal meteorologist society, however I don’t think this would necessarily mean a change in my project.