In my past modules I think the research that I have done has let me down a little bit, and lost me marks where just a little bit of extra time, to go more in depth into things would have saved this from happening. In this module I think I have done a lot more research and will hopefully avoid this from happening. There are a few subjects that I have just touched on, but even these I think that I have researched more in depth than I previously would have. I have also considered emailing people that have a wider knowledge than me to get their opinions, this went more successful than it previously has as I emailed a larger amount of people from different areas and luckily most of them replied! The information did come a little late on in the project, so this is what I didn’t particularly research too in depth. With the amount of time left it would of been hard to shape my project around the new angles I had been given, some of which were completely different. Looking back on this information I’m not sure I would of gone in this direction anyway, and I am very happy with what I have produced. However I certainly would have looked into the subjects that were suggested more.

I think the research that I have done has had a direct impact on the work that I have been producing, I have done more shoots as I have been completing my research when new ideas have come up. When looking for all my pictures I had so many different paths that I could have taken for my final book it was just about choosing what I thought was the best way. Not only has this research effected my images but the knowledge that I have about the subject matter. I think it really helps to have a broad knowledge on your work as you will be able to talk a lot more confidently and answer a lot more questions if asked. I think it is easy to tell I have done more research just by the way that I talk about my work.

Not only have I looked more into the research of the images and information around my subject area but I have also looked a lot more into the final presentation of my work: a book. I already knew the different types of binding that I could use so I haven’t really concentrated on this but focused more on the lay out and the different options that I had here. I created several different mock up books which really helped me to decided which to use. I found it a lot easier to bind these and actually see them in a physical book form, rather than just looking at them on my laptop screen and deciding from that. Through this process I have managed to make a final book that I am really happy with and proud to show others.

Through doing all of this extra research I think that I have understood the assignment concept a lot more than I previously had and really understand why the assignment was set and what they wanted us to improve on and understand more. I think a lot of this project has been about exploring and experimenting with new things which we wouldn’t normally. For example by having to take 4 sets of images: interior, still life, landscape and portrait we really are looking at a broad part of photography. We didn’t have to include all of these types of images, and I will be surprised if anyone has, but it certainly has given us something to think about and experiment with more in the past. I for one have certainly enjoyed it a lot more than I thought and I was surprised at the images that I created and how much I liked them. I think by completing these smaller tasks I have gotten rid of the opinions I had on certain subject area, these were very stereotypical opinions, especially as I hadn’t tried some things out for myself to create my own opinion. As well as this an important part of this project was understanding the light around us, both artificial and natural. I am now able to manipulate the light that is available to me to help create and better the image that I want. Before I would of been able to do this but there would be a lot more trial and error include, I now know what I am doing which has certainly improved my photography.

Throughout this project my view on everyday things has changed, through both the research and image taking I now notice things that I may not have before. I realise that my audience won’t read much or any of my research as it is not included in the book, however I don’t think it is necessary and hopefully they will still feel the same change of view as I have.