For this module we have to make a book, binding and all! Although this isn’t the easy option and certainly adds a lot of stress towards the end of the deadline this allows us to have full creative control over what our book looks like. Luckily I have already made two books for the previous two modules so I have had a bit of practice, in both the binding and sequencing, this unfortunately hasn’t seemed to have made it any easier for me! However I did have an idea of what type of binding I wanted to use, and have also already researched into the options that I had before most of my class mates had even heard of some of these types.

The workshops we had showed us how to use Japanese stab binding and coptic binding, I also knew that an accordion style book would be an option. I knew fairly early on that I thought I wanted to do a coptic bound book, however I left this decision until later on to finalise this. After having both the workshops and refreshing my mind on how to do each type of binding and what they looked like I decided that this was the right way to go. Although I like how Japanese stab binding looks, for this project I don’t think it is suited. The patterns that can be created along the book, although pretty, and aesthetically pleasing I think they would take away from the minimalism of my project. A coptic bound book is very simple, and gives the opportunity to print over a two page spread, something that I have done within the sequencing of my book. Although this is possible with stab binding, some of the image will be cropped off due to losing some of the page because of how the book is bound. I don’t thin an accordion style book was ever really an option for my project, it wouldn’t of really brought anything extra or enhanced my work in any way I don’t think. I didn’t want my audience to see all of the sequence at once, which this style of book gives them the opportunity to if opened fully.

I am happy with the decision that I made to coptic bind this book and I think it was the best decision for my project. This is a harder bind and can look untidy if not done neatly and tightly. To try and perfect this I have made several mock books out of the different sequences that I played around with. See some of these below.