Required Images

For this module we had to take 4 different sets of images as part of completing the brief. These however did not have to be included in our final book, but must relate to our project some how. These 4 different sets of images were: landscape, portrait, interior and still life. We had a studio lighting workshop for each of these areas to help us and think more about how we could shoot these. Studio lighting wasn’t a big part of my project, as it didn’t really suit the aesthetic and style I was after. Nature was a big part of my project so I didn’t really want to artificially light my subject. During these workshops, natural light and sunlight was briefly mentioned, so whilst I was photographing each image I may not have been using the studio, but I was thinking about where the light source was, and how I could manipulate it to make my image better and was definitely aware of how the light was affecting my image. This could be something simple like blocking some of the light out, moving so the subject was more in the light, or taking the image so a sun flare was visible. All of these things add something new to my images, and by having the knowledge of how to do this and control the light I can see an improvement within my photography.

Still Life:

For the still life aspect of this project I took inspiration from a photographer called Jerry Takigawa, I collected items from the places that I visited for my main shoots within the project. With these items I laid them on top of landscape images that I had already taken and printed out, these related to the places that I collected the items, for example, and image of the beach, with shells laid on top of it. I experimented with both black and white and coloured images for this. Overall I couldn’t decided which worked better, both had its advantages, I think it was a combination of them both, the image and what I was laying on top had to work together and look right to create a successful image. These images could have been shot in the studio, however due to it being so busy and hard to book a suitable time and me wanting to get the images done before the items I collected, such as flowers, didn’t look as fresh I decided to make my own studio and use lighting sources that I already had, such as a desk lamp. This obviously wasn’t ideal, but once I got the hang of how the images were looking and how to apply the techniques that I had previously learnt I think this worked well. I really liked this set of images and how they turned out. Unfortunately they will not be in my final book, they don’t fit into my narrative very well and would only weaken the message that I am trying to put forward and over complicate the minimalistic look that I was after. It’s a shame because I really liked these images, I just don’t think a book is the strongest method of presentation for them. I’m glad I experimented with these as still life has never been something I have really done, thinking of it as all the same and to be honest a bit boring. By doing this shoot I realise that it doesn’t always have to be like this and I certainly am able to put my own stamp on whatever I do. Here are the images that I created:


The portrait aspect of my project was a fairly obvious one, however I wanted to try and avoid what I would call the stereotypical studio shoot, I find this slightly boring, and although they would of quite easily fit into my project without any editing I didn’t want to create something that I have seen so many times before. I started thinking more about how I could do something different, I decided to play with overlaying my images. I think that this has worked really well and works with the narrative of the missing person, like they are almost being shadowed by the clouds. I also experimented briefly with project things onto the model, mainly things that could be seen as shadows from looking out the window. I think both of these worked well and I am very happy with how they have turned out. I really wanted to include these images in my book, however they just don’t seem to fit and again overcomplicate the minimalistic and simple narrative that I wanted. I think this work would work a lot better as prints, a book format just wouldn’t do them justice, especially as they didn’t fit the look that i was after. The story would almost be blurred if I added these to my final book, confuse the reader, there is no real purpose for them to be there other than I liked them. Whilst shooting these it took me a while to get used to the studio setting and some of the lights, as well I originally found it hard to direct the model. However once I got used to these things went fine, I now feel confident that I could shoot in the studio on my own and get the desired effect. Below are the images I took as portraits:


Using studio lighting for my interior shoot simply wouldn’t of worked, however I did have to think about my angle to the light which would determine the success of the image. The lighting for this shoot was very important, and although not in the studio or important in the way people would think, this still had to be considered to create the image that I wanted. The light was the main subject of this shoot really, and the reflections that it forms on walls and other surfaces. I know that some of these images are outside and therefore not really an interior, but it is the same concept and therefore I linked them together and class them as one category. I think this shoot is really interesting and certainly made me notice more things around me and appreciate what is there, this is something that I want to achieve within my final book and hopefully get my audience to feel the same. Some of these will be included in my final piece however certainly won’t be the main focus, it may be that only one or two of these will be in the final piece, but I believe that this is enough to make an impact. Once I saw these images I started noticing more and more of the same thing happening wherever I went. So although these images were studio, I still had to consider the light source and where it had come from. Below are some of the images for these shoots.


Landscape images are the main aspect of my project and something that I have been constantly taking throughout my project. Again I didn’t use the studio for this, not wanting to manipulate the natural light that was present considering that nature and the impact it has on how people feel is a big part of my project. I have taken so many different types of images for this such as long exposures, blurred images, focusing on different things and the use of different techniques such as the inclusion of sun flares. I am really happy with the images that I have produced and think that I have definitely experimented with new things, although I have taken landscapes before, before uni they were never a big part of my work, mainly concentrating on portraits. I think by making these the main focus of my work I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and am constantly trying new things. I think I have achieved what I wanted, and certainly avoided what I was most scared of, I was worried that my images wouldn’t say enough, or even bore the audience. Although the message isn’t obvious and in your face I think there is certainly one there, and definitely to the more active readers. I think my work allows you to create your own narrative or message, this isn’t an easy way out, I still have a message that I want my audience to see and the images I have taken are directly related to this. If anything I found this harder to do, wanting to give my message but not forcing it on people. I am not going to put my landscape images below purely because there are so many, however they are the main thing that is posted on my blog so are easily found.