Paula McCartney- Bird Watching

I found Paula McCartney’s book ‘Bird Watching’ really interesting and think it links really well with the project that I am currently doing and is the inspiration that I got for providing little notes next to my images to add that little but more of information, this could also help me when adding the narrative to my work, it would act as though I, or the cloud watcher, is trying to spot all the different types of clouds. The book could even start as a glossary and maybe have them piked off as they are spotted. I am really struggling with how to lay my book out. I have so many images with different aspects to the initial subject matter that I don’t know what to include and what not too. I am definitely going to try a similar style to McCartney’s book. There are lots of things I could do with this, I could even add extras and include a landscape image at the beginning of each section, then a cloud/sky image with the note beside it, at the end of these sections I could add one of my still life images to represent the items that are found there and link it back to the landscape image that was at the beginning of the section. From looking at this book I have also decided to try scanning in the items that I collected, this may not work but worth a try. I also like the idea of including a letter or extended notes at the end. This may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but would hold a strong narrative, which was one of the only things we had to include in the project so I don’t want this to just be a last minute thought and want it to have some interest backing it, I also think that by using this style of book I will be able to educate my readers more, it isn’t pushing information on people that don’t want to know it but gives the opportunity to learn or research further. I also like the drawing aspect of this book, gives it more of a journal feel, however I won’t be adding this into it, I will experiment with both typed and handwritten notes to see which works best, however I feel I already know the answer and think the handwritten will only strengthen what I am trying to get across. I think I will write these and scan them in which still provides a professional feel for when I print it. The map in this book is also a nice touch, My images are mainly taken in Norfolk, I could provide a map for this, however I am unsure whether this would add anything to the book itself, this is definitely something else to experiment with. If I was just to write it off I would be doing myself ore harm than help as this could actually work really well. Below are a few images of Paula McCartney’s book.