Uta Barth Style- Blurred Images

Thinking further into the landscape part of my project I wanted to experiment with a style of image that I had seen in particular when looking at Uta Barth’s work, this is simple yet in my opinion effective. It is simply an out of focus, or blurred image. I tried doing this with some of the images that I already had on photoshop, by reducing the focus or using the gaussian blur tool. However I didn’t think this was as effective. Looking further into her pictures and my I realised why this might be, I decided that I needed something in the foreground, either something to focus on or a bright colour/ light source which could act as the main thing that the audience would be drawn to. Without this aspect of the image it just looked like it was an accident, that my image wasn’t meant to be blurred, maybe that I couldn’t use my camera effectively. You could tell where the place was by looking at it for a while, which is what I originally what I thought I wanted however it wasn’t an interesting picture, or particularly aesthetically pleasing, something that I certainly wanted to be including in my book. I went back to the places that I had originally been to photograph for this project and really experimented with the manual focus on my camera. Here are a few of the images that I have edited:

And below are the contact sheets from the whole shoot:

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