Spontaneity Vs Planned

A big thing in my project is spontaneity, with cloud watching and the sky you can do it at almost anytime of the day and still appreciate whats there. Yes this will work better or be enjoyed more certain times for example if the weather was hot but can still be done on any day and enables you to appreciate what is there. You might even be surprised what you see/find on a day you might not to think is so great for the activity. Beauty can be found in the nature on any day, nothing needs to be planned unlike other hobbies that I have researched into like plane spotting and amateur meteorologists. These don’t only need to be planned but also can be expensive and even have risks involved such as breaking laws that you are unaware of and other dangers (mainly from plane spotting). This can be something to bond over, and even become a competitive thing when you and other people you know are looking to spot the same plane, this hobby is highly recorded whereas cloud watching maybe not so much. However you may be likely to write a diary or comment on certain things you see. This may not be so structured but this is due to it being a method of relaxation and not just a hobby. Another thing that needs to be considered when plane spotting is the change in laws in different country’s, this has been a problem in the past for plane spotters, compared to cloud watching where there are no laws.

Of course, all of the hobbies are different and I’m sure when money is needed to be spent the people spending it believe its worth it and they get enjoyment out of what they buy. For example when an amateur weather spotter is able to correctly predict the weather I’m sure they get a great buzz. I could attempt to photograph some of these hobbies to act as a comparison to my project however I don’t see this to be necessary. I do think reading up and understanding more about these have been worthwhile, but any further research is unneeded. My project is more about the beauty of what is there always there and not what is just there at certain times or planned occasions of the day. There is certainly a certain beauty in the spontaneous occasion that provides such relaxation as well and a method of release of stress.