Thoughts on my Project

I think my project has moved slightly away from cloud watching, although still clearly relates, therefore the poem still links well to my work, especially as the haiku wasn’t entirely about the clouds but the sky in general. I want my work to tell more to my audience just than them linking it to cloud watching. I think this will be a fairly obvious link, or at least to the sky, I want my work to relate to people, and allow them to appreciate what is around them, this i something that I have found since starting this project. I definitely find myself just looking around myself more and noticing what is there and the true beauty in the nature. After having a group tutorial I am able to see more in my work from the comments that I received, the group think that my images really bring them to the place where I was shooting the images, something that I was originally struggling to do, they also think that the senses that I was feeling are embraced within my images. This is something that I hadn’t initially considered but what I think is a big achievement and by now looking at them I can certainly see what they mean. I think this will help when it comes to my audience embracing their surroundings, if they can get any idea of how I felt when I was there I think this can be relayed to them and their senses, and may make them think more into how they would feel when they are there. Someone said my work reminded them of Paul Gaffney’s work which he stated as a ‘meditation through the journey’ he was encountering. I really like this idea and after looking at Gaffney’s work again I think this was really reinforced and something that I will look to aim at more if I take any more images.

My work shows chance encounters, this links to the spontaneity of cloud watching compared to other similar activities such as plane spotting and amateur meteorologists- who have to plan what they do more and its maybe more necessary to record what they have found/seen. I am going to write more about these hobbies in another blog post to provide a more in depth comparison.

I mentioned in this tutorial that I was going to look into writing letters/ notes like in ‘Hesitating Beauty’-Joshua Lutz and Bird Watching’- Paula McCartney, Matt suggested that I make a glossary of terms to help me do this, this would also make the project more clear when I was talking about it as I would have a set definition for each thing.

I am looking into doing these suggestions as I agree with everything that has been said. I have just started thinking into the sequencing of my work and how I might present this as a book, I am struggling more than I previously have when making books and thinking what pictures to include pure due to the vast amount of images that I have, and different types too: for example still life, portrait, landscape and interiors. I like all of these sets of images in different ways but they cant all be included without it looking messy or providing a blurry narrative. I am finding it hard deciding what I should include and where. It has got to the point where I am playing around with different combinations to see which works best, but I am still constantly questioning what I am doing and what should be included.