Robert Adams- Summer Nights

Robert Adam’s series ‘Summer Nights’ documents a journey he is making in his home town, along the Eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. This series shows him leaving the more urban centre as he walks to a more rural part, as the night is coming in. Although I don’t want to document a journey in my project this is relevant as the process will be similar, I myself will still be taking a journey to get my images, this just won’t be the main focus of my project. By using black and white a consistency has been gained, linking all the images together. I don’t think I want to use black and white within my project as a lot of it is about the colours present, however this may be something to at least experiment with. This also means that the viewers are concentrating more on the textures within the images other than the colours which may suggest the textures. This however does’t necessarily link to my project as I will be focusing more on the sky, with just subtle hints of what the landscape is like around me. The fact that he is photographing both urban and rural areas is something I can relate to, like Adams, I want the audience to be able to know/ relate to which area is which. This is a sightly harder task for me as I generally won’t be including the whole scene. However looking at Adams work has given me a new view on how this could be done. I like that the images in the more urban areas have a higher contrast, this is understandably because of the higher volume of lights present, but I think it really strengthens the fact that the two places are very different. This is something that I am struggling to capture at the moment and need to experiment more with.