Tony Gale

I originally I looked at Tony Gale’s work for his images at night. I have been looking/ waiting for a clear or what I imagine to be a good night to take pictures. By looking at his images I realise that i shouldn’t of been doing this. It may not be what seems the perfect night for taking pictures but that doesn’t mean that I can’t achieve some good pictures, I should just be trying to at every free opportunity I have. When returning to Coventry from home (Norfolk), I was annoyed that I hadn’t done more night photography. This was mainly due to the fact that Norfolk has a lot less light pollution and pollution in general than Coventry, I thought that this would make worse pictures. However after looking through Gale’s images I have realised that light pollution such as street lights and other light sources aren’t always a bad thing and sometimes even make the picture. I was right that some images need less, such as star trails, the main thing I have been set on trying, however being so set on that type of night photography I have been making excuses to not get out there and just do it! I already have a lot of images during the day, so over the next few weeks my main aim is to get out there and shoot at night, both in Coventry and when I go back home. Here are some of Tony Gale’s images at night:

After looking at his night images I also had a quick look at some of his landscapes. This doesn’t directly link to my project but I was really drawn to these images, the colours within them were eye-catching and the images were sharp and defined. The clouds may not have been the main focal point within his images but they were certainly something that I was drawn to within these images. This is something that I might what to try for part of my project. Yes clouds are very important but that doesn’t mean that the whole project has to revolve around them. The aim of my project is to get people to appreciate what is above them, I don’t want to push people into this by only photographing clouds. If I can achieve something like Gale has on me I will be able to take landscapes and let peoples eyes wander, but always focusing slightly more on the sky. This doesn’t have to just be clouds but can be sunrises, sunsets and even night photography too. I think I have kind of thought that I have enough landscape pictures to be going on with and stopped taking them, but I definitely have a few more weeks I can continue to take pictures, as well as experimenting with mock books and sequences within them! Here are a few of Gale’s landscape images:

Not only do I like Tony Gale’s pictures but I like his attitude towards photography, I watched a short video on his website of him talking about his work. A lot of the time he doesn’t have an end goal, and I think that is a positive thing. I think that this is a good mind set to have as it can open so many more doors rather than being stuck on one idea. I suppose this is the approach that I have adopted for this project, although I know I have to make a book, I have no idea what sequence of images I will be including or how I will be laying it out. Even weeks in I still have an open mind about the images that I am creating and am continuing to experiment. He also mentioned that as an amateur photography he and many others take photos of anything and everything, as you get better at photography and move away from the amateur name you tend to stop doing this, and only take what you think is going to be a ‘good’ photograph. But why should we do this? We should take pictures at every moment we can, of whatever we want, it may not turn out to be a good photograph, or you may surprise yourself and take something amazing when you least expect it, stumble across a new style you haven’t before. Watching this has really encouraged me to take photo’s as much as I can wherever I am.