Sally Mann- Faces

For the portraits I have spent a lot of time wondering what to do and how to make them different to what I have done before, wanting to experiment with new things! Although the portrait is easily incorporated within my project it certainly isn’t the main feature. I didn’t want this to take away from the landscapes within the book but thought that including portraits could further enhance this and emphasise the fact that they aren’t the most important thing if I managed to do it right. I think trying to replicate Sally Mann’s body of work ‘Faces’ might be a good starting point. I know that this work would have been done in the darkroom, I will be shooting in the studio so need to think of ways to try and achieve this style. I have chosen to do it in the studio and not in the dark room to match the colours and lighting throughout the rest of my shoot. As well as this I have never really used the studio and what the experiment with the different effects that I can make and how I can control/ manipulate the light. I think this is perfect for my project, I like the close up style of image which cuts away the rest of the body, and body language. I also like that in some of the image part of the face has been blurred out, this is something that I really do want to capture within my images. Obviously the watermarks within some of the images are from chemicals in the darkroom, luckily this is not part that I wanted to recreate as this would be very hard to do in the studio. Below are some of the images from the series ‘Faces’ by Sally Mann: